Walters Employee Tour of 480 University Avenue & 100 Adelaide Street West

April 17, 2016
Walters Group News

13-441 & 13-584. For a group of Walters employees, these project numbers that they see every day now mean a whole lot more. They are real buildings with real steel. 

It is our goal to always help our employees feel connected to the end vision for a project. One way that we help do that is by providing opportunities for employees to visit project sites that they have either directly worked on or indirectly contributed to.

On April 16th, Walters treated staff to a site tour of two of our current projects; 480 University Avenue and 100 Adelaide Street West, in downtown Toronto. The day started with a guided tour of 100 Adelaide with Kevin McElhone, Project Manager. Employees had a firsthand look at the steel erection and also took in a birds-eye view of the city.

Next, Derek Howchin, Project Manager showed off 480 University Avenue, beginning with a guided walk around the outside. Then it was up to the rooftop for a close look at what’s going on up there! Staff took a close look at Walters unique jig devices specifically designed to help remove sections of the existing concrete on the wall face. These custom devices engage the curtain wall and releases sections that can then be lowered down.

Derek delivered a comprehensive presentation about the challenges and logistics of 480 University Avenue and detailed Walters role. The visitors were treated to lunch and then were safely returned to Rymal Road with a lot more knowledge and insight into two of our current local projects.

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