Walters Group Acquires Dave Steel Company

Walters Group announces the completion of the acquisition of Dave Steel Company. Completing the acquisition of Dave Steel in the US brings Walters Group to 100% ownership, including the properties and plants in both Asheville, NC and Chesnee, SC, to leverage market opportunities and mutual strengths. We continue to build synergy between our people, equipment and technology, systems, and operations as we mutually develop better tools to manage our clients’ challenges with our passion in planning to achieve safety, drive efficiency, and provide stewardship of our environment.

“We are excited to add the entirety of Dave Steel to the Walters Group,” said Walt Koppelaar, Executive Vice President of Sales & US Operations. “The acquisition process has been an adventure in opportunity and learning. Our combined strengths and shared culture position us well to deliver exceptional service to our expanded network of clients. We are also pleased to share that post-transaction Jeff Dave continues to serve as Chairman of the Board, for our Dave Steel division.”

About Walters Group

Founded in 1956, Walters Group is a family-owned steel construction company that designs, fabricates, and constructs commercial and industrial projects throughout North America. With a passionate team, Walters Group brings together deep experience with the capacity to deliver on projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. We always strive to provide an outstanding project experience where everyone involved appreciates building with Walters. To learn more, visit

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