Safety & Training

Our entire team has a united commitment to safety in every aspect of our business. Through our efforts, we have been pleased to be the recipient of the Construction Safety Association of Ontario (CSAO) first place award for best safety record in the largest category (100,000+ manhours) for the past four years.

We are focused on providing our employees with training and the most effective tools to do their jobs in a safe, healthy environment.

Orientation & Mentoring

We provide each new employee with an orientation program to help them become familiar with our Safety Management Program and Health and Safety Policy. We also provide on-the-job training through a 12-week mentorship program that matches new employees with experienced team members.

Project Safety

At the beginning of every project, we commence “safety engineering”, incorporating special safe-work features into the rigging and connection design. We not only provide hands-on safety training, but have also created fully detailed Safety Manuals for both the plant and our field crews. We also have a fully engineered and tested Fall Arrest System that meets and exceeds all Ministry of Labour guidelines.

Ongoing Education

Our products drive the technology we use. We use state-of-the-art equipment to create the unusual and complex forms that comprise our work. These same tools also add efficiency when we fabricate more straightforward elements.

Safety Inspections & Rewards Programs

We regularly use safety inspections in our plants and in the field to ensure that our high standards for safety are being put into practice in our everyday work. We provide incentives and bonuses for teams that adhere to safety policies

Supporting Education

We encourage and financially support upgrading of education and support employees in pursuing professional designations.