K+S Potash Selects Walters to Build the Legacy Project

It’s with pleasure that we announce that K+S Potash Canada has selected Walters, in Joint Venture with Alberici Western Constructors Ltd, for the Legacy Project, located one hour northwest of Regina, Saskatchewan.

The scope of this project includes the main process buildings which are comprised of nine major industrial structures. In addition to the steel structure, the project includes rough setting approximately 515 pieces of equipment and 90 large pipe/electrical modules.

With approximately 26,000 tons of structural steel required and major vessels weighing up to 270 tons each, there will be a workforce of approximately 300 employees in addition to 10 cranes (including an 850 ton crawler) at the peak of construction. Walters will be mobilizing on site in May 2014, and we expect to be complete in the Summer of 2015 based on the fast track schedule.

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