Project Highlight – Alamos Gold’s Island Phase 3+ Expansion Project

A remarkable achievement has been accomplished at the Alamos Gold Island Phase 3+ Expansion Project. The installation of the Tier 2 stair tower, which is around 120 feet tall and weighs approximately 37 tons, was successful with the help of a 660-ton crane.

Walters Group is responsible for detailing, fabricating, and supplying about 3,200 tonnes of structural steel for the headframe and modular buildings.

Island Gold, one of Canada’s gold mines with the highest grade and lowest cost, has seen continuous growth in its mineral reserves and resources, thanks to ongoing exploration success. This has supported the expansion of the operation, resulting in increased production, lower costs, and remarkable growth in free cash flow.

We offer our congratulations to our team, including Walters Field Services, and express our gratitude to our respected partners, Alamos Gold Inc., Lancaster Group Inc, and Hatch.

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