Metrolinx Crosstown Eglinton LRT & Subway Line
Toronto, ON

Metrolinx Crosstown Eglinton LRT & Subway Line

The Metrolinx Crosstown Eglinton Subway Line will create midtown connection between east and west Toronto. With 25 stations along the dedicated route, getting across town will be up to 60% faster than before. With the city expanding and thriving at a fast pace, the Eglinton Crosstown LRT will move fast along with it, connecting communities along the way. The Eglinton Crosstown is the biggest single transit project in Canada, which covers 19 kilometres, about half of it below ground. This massive project covers Toronto from Weston Road to Scarborough.

Avenue & Fairbank LRTs

Walters has been awarded both the Avenue & Fairbank LRT stations. Both stations buildings are above ground and are a part of a large light rail transit system.

The stations require a large amount of Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) 3 steel. AESS 3 category steel is for feature elements that will be viewed at a distance of less than six metres, thus allowing the viewer to see the art of metalworking. The welds are smooth, yet visible and require a smooth and uniform finish. In addition, tolerances are tighter than normal standards.

Eglington and Cedarvale

The Eglinton and Cedarvale stations connect this new line with the existing Yonge-University line where it intersects at Yonge St and Allen Rd. At these locations, Walters is responsible for supplying and installing the underpinning support steel that will support the existing subway structure to allow the new line to be constructed underneath.

All architect renderings courtesy of Metrolinx.

To view the Metrolinx Crosstown LRT project with construction updates visit: Metrolinx: For a Greater Region

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Structural engineer
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Construction manager
Crosslinx Transit Solutions
Facts & Figures

Fairbank Station

  • erection is underway
  • three separate buildings
  • more than 65% AESS #3 steel
  • 180 MT

Avenue Station

  • two separate buildings
  • more than 60% AESS #3 steel
  • erection is expected to start in January 2021.
  • 190 MT

Eglinton & Cedarvale Stations

  • 650 tons
Our Role

Walters is responsible for connection design, detailing, fabrication and installation of structural steel for both the Avenue & Fairbanks stations.

For the Eglinton & Cedarvale subway stations, Walters will fabricate and install structural steel, including six Corbels that weigh 4 tonnes each and are welded to the tops of piles driven into the ground. These Corbels support two 20m long girders running parallel to the existing subway structure. Each Corbel is bolted to the Girders. The steel supporting the existing structure is made up of six “needle beams,” which are field welded to the underside of the parallel girders.

Overcoming Challenges
Aboveground Stations
  • Coordination with other trades. AESS steel connections. Complex logistics.
Eglinton & Cedarvale Stations
  • Dealing with as-builts of existing structures built in the late 1960s.
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