Port Lands Bridges Guardrails

Port Lands Bridges Guardrails

One of the most significant infrastructure projects in Toronto’s history is underway in the Port Lands area. The development included naturalizing the mouth of the Don River and moving millions of tons of earth around the industrial neighbourhood. The project will significantly reduce the risk of flooding and open up acres of land for redevelopment, including a new street grid, streetcar network, parkland, and an island home to thousands of new residents.

The architectural centrepieces of this project are the four new bridges spanning the re-routed Don River connecting the surrounding land. Designed by Grimshaw Architects and structural engineers Entuitive, the eye-catching bridges stand out thanks to their unique curving design and their bright pops of colour. The finishing touches were applied by Feature Walters, providing expertise to aid in designing and fabricating the bridges’ guardrails. The beautifully designed guardrails enhance the elegance of the bridge design, keeping an open forum and maintaining unobstructed river views.

Toronto Waterfront
Grimshaw Architects
Structural engineer
Facts & Figures
  • 77 metric tons of stainless steel
  • 4 bridges
  • 5000 pickets to weld
  • 185 assembled guard rail sections
  • 610 meters total length of guardrails
Our Role

Stainless-steel guardrails were designed, fabricated, and installed by Feature Walters.

Overcoming Challenges

Feature Walters worked with the design team, in-house fabrication, and on-site crews to optimize the weld sizes and methods. Welding can be tricky, particularly with exposed finishes, as the type of metal, size of the weld, and finish profile can all have significant impacts on the final look and, if done incorrectly, can cause discoloration and distortion of the metal. To ensure the desired result, Feature Walters conducted various mockups and tests to determine the best welds to deliver the best possible outcome on the guardrails.

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