Tim Verhey Named This Years Michael N. Vuchnich Award Recipient

Tim Verhey of Walters Group was recently honored with the Michael N. Vuchnich Award at the CanWeld Conference, presented by Lincoln Electric Company of Canada Limited. The award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of arc welding technology and application in Canada over the course of their career. The CWB Industry & Academic Awards Dinner, which took place on October 18, 2023, at The Delta Hotel in Moncton, NB, provided a forum for industry leaders to celebrate the latest welding innovations.

“I want to thank the CWB Association and its Awards Committee for selecting me for this year’s Michael N. Vuchnich Award,” Tim Verhey, Executive Vice-President, Engineering & Operations, said. “It is a great honour to have been considered and I am humbled to be able to join the esteemed list of past recipients, many of whom I have worked with professionally or served alongside on committees over the years.  I would also like to thank the many mentors and colleagues who have supported and encouraged me throughout my career in structural steel construction and welding. Their support, knowledge, experience, and unwavering commitment to driving the structural steel and welding industry forward continues to have a significant influence on my career.”

Tim Verhey & Brent Malette District Manager Atlantic Canada, Lincoln Electric Ltd.

Image:  Tim Verhey & Brent Malette District Manager Atlantic Canada, Lincoln Electric Ltd.

Tim joined Walters Group in 1998 as Chief Engineer. With his strong interest and skills in production, he quickly moved up the ranks and took on various roles within the company. Today, Tim is responsible for leading Engineering and Operations, including Quality Assurance. His team is comprised of specialist engineers, Building Information Modeling (BIM) modellers, steel detailers, and construction experts who work together to develop innovative solutions for simplifying fabrication and construction of steel structures. Under his mentorship, the team has grown significantly.

As Executive Vice-President of Engineering and Operations, Tim’s primary focus is on the successful execution of projects undertaken by Walters. He has a particular interest in highly complex and unusual structural steel systems such as buildings, bridges, towers, sculptures, etc. Tim is known for his innovative design and construction solutions, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities. He also plays a critical role in the corporate strategic development of the company.

Tim Verhey with Dan Tadic CWBA: Welding Ambassador

Image:  Tim Verhey & Dan Tadic CWBA Welding Ambassador

Before joining Walters, Tim worked with a local consulting engineering firm, followed by six years as a forensic structural engineer serving the legal and insurance industries. He has a unique skill set and background that gives him a deep understanding of how structures are designed and intended to function. His practical experience, combined with a Master of Engineering Education, allows him to provide expert knowledge in construction, steel fabrication, welding, and complex connection design.

Tim has always been at the forefront of exploring new and better ways to advance welding in structural steel. He has worked extensively on SAW, NG-Electroslag process, robotic and cobot welding, the relatively new HyperFill process, and laser welding processes. Tim has served as the Engineering lead on numerous award-winning projects and is a sought-after speaker by industry associations.

To learn more about the CanWeld Conference  https://conference.cwbgroup.org


Tim Verhey holding the Michael N. Vuchnich Award alongside Dan Tadic.

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