Trio of Towers Rise High in Toronto

The Bay Adelaide Centre in Toronto was recently featured in Advantage Steel, the magazine of the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC). Walters recently completed the third and final tower in the high-rise complex.

The first tower, Bay Adelaide Centre West at 52-storeys, was completed in 2009. The 44-storey Bay Adelaide East was built in 2016. The final tower, Bay Adelaide North, will be completed this year with 32 floors.

The Bay Adelaide Centre was the first tower in Canada to use 65 ksi steel. “65 ksi steel was a huge breakthrough for our industry,” says Tim Verhey, Executive Vice-President, Engineering & Operations at Walters Inc., the company responsible for the detailing, fabrication and erection of the structural steel framing on all three towers. “That gives you 30 per cent more strength for the same cross-sectional area (compared to 50 ksi steel) or conversely, you could do the same job with 30 per cent less steel if you look at a vertical tower column, which was a significant advancement that ArcelorMittal brought to the market.”

For Walters, the relationship with ArcelorMittal is key to our success. “We’ve been front runners in the industry in terms of adopting a new grade,” says Ed Lacroix, Vice President of Projects for Walters. “We’re trying to be innovative and work with the industry to keep ahead of the curve.”

The Bay Adelaide Centre represents a new standard for AAA-class office buildings due to the innovative design and technology incorporated into construction and day-to-day operations and its integration with the heritage and community of the financial core.

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To view the Bay Adelaide Centre West project, please click HERE.

To view the Bay Adelaide Centre East project, please click HERE.

To view the Bay Adelaide North project, please click HERE.

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