Walters Awarded Structural Building Contract for Algoma’s Electric Arc Steelmaking Facility

April 28, 2022
Project News Walters Inc.

Walters Inc. has been awarded the structural building contract for an electric arc steelmaking facility (EAF) by Algoma Steel Group Inc. (Algoma). Algoma is a leading Canadian producer of hot and cold rolled steel sheet and plate products.

Walters will be responsible for fabricating and erecting the main building structure in addition to the necessary dust collection hoods.

Algoma will construct two new state-of-the-art electric-arc-furnaces to replace its existing blast furnace and basic oxygen steelmaking operations. The transformation is expected to reduce Algoma’s carbon emissions by approximately 70%, making the project among the lowest-cost-per-tonne of GHG reduction in Canada.

“We are both delighted and honoured to be selected by Algoma to build their new EAF facility in Sault Ste. Marie,” said Peter Kranendonk, CEO of Walters. “We have been designing, fabricating and constructing steel for commercial and industrial projects throughout North America for more than 65 years. As an Ontario-based company, we welcome the opportunity to work with another Canadian icon on a project that is expected to drive a marked carbon reduction in the province we both call home.”

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