American Dream
East Rutherford, NJ

American Dream

A destination mall containing shops, restaurants, an indoor ice rink, ski and snowboard slope, water park and amusement park, mini golf course and concert hall. American Dream will be the first project anywhere in the world to combine shopping, entertainment and attractions on such a scale.

PCL Construction Management
Triple 5
AK & Associates
Facts & Figures
  • The project was enormous, requiring 25,000 tons of steel; more than 1,250 truck loads were shipped from all three Walters plants.
Our Role

Walters Group supplied and erected all fabricated steel for the project, including customized pieces for the water park and other attractions.

Overcoming Challenges

Walters participated in the early design assist components, as part of our commitment to investing early on in extensive planning and to make the work go more smoothly.

The water park involves a massive arched roof. Normally all the electrical and ductwork would have to be hung using 150-foot lifts. With PCL, we devised a plan to partially assemble trusses in the assembly yard, allowing us to do electrical duct work and other jobs on the ground.

Once the trusses are raised, only the connections need be done in the air. This plan offers benefits across the project, saving time and keeping workers safer on the job.

1 American Dream Way, East Rutherford, NJ,
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