Wyandotte Street New Arch Bridge
Windsor, ON

Wyandotte Street New Arch Bridge

Located in the City of Windsor, Ontario, this bridge is based on a unique triple arch design. In order to minimize the required field assembly, we took a modular approach to creating the bridge; fabricating enormous modules in our plant and then shipping them in convoys to the site. An intense welding and Quality Assurance program helped to make the project a success.

Structural engineer
Dillon Group
Construction manager
Front Construction & Engineering
Facts & Figures
  • Each arch element was preassembled at our Princeton plant
  • At over 20 feet, the largest modular assemblies were shipped in a convoy
  • The arches were among some of the widest loads ever pulled on a 400 series highway in Ontario
  • 50 year high tech PolySiloxane coating system self-applied
Our Role

Walters Inc. provided all fabrication and installation services for the project.

Our Engineering group worked closely with the structural consultant to eliminate a number of splices and reconfigure some of the critical platework details to provide a better overall aesthetic and to reduce long-term inspection and maintenance costs.

Overcoming Challenges

The major challenge on this project was shipping to avoid all field welding, blasting and painting over the sensitive river and wetland environment.  At the time, these were the widest loads ever shipped along the Highway 403/401 corridor involving a parade of trucks, escort vehicles, police escorts, spare tractors, ramp traffic management vehicles, etc. to convoy the arches to site.


The bridge design preserved the heritage design intent of an arch bridge, while incorporating the very latest bridge technology ensuring an incredibly resilient and durable bridge that will last for many decades.

This project required careful detailing to ensure the fabrication met the fatigue design requirements of the Canadian highway Design Bridge Code. Given the nature of the box girders and arches, much of those details were hidden from view to maintain the clean, simple aesthetic of the bridge.

General Contractors
We minimized our duration on site giving the general contractor more time to complete other critical path operations and complete the project on time.

9155 Wyandotte St E Windsor, ON N8S
CISC Design Award
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