Why Walters?

Why Walters?

We build
with passion.

It’s in our blood. As a family business, we take quiet pride in the legacy we’ve built – the legacy we continue to build.

We recognize that the projects we contribute to are more than just projects.They change landscapes. They support key industries. They inspire people.

We don’t let the significance of what we do go to our heads – it goes straight to our hearts. It fuels the passion we bring to projects. While we are proud of what we’ve done, we’re truly driven by what we might do next.

We build <br>with passion.

We are
and builders.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, the most important thing we do is serve as custodians for a client’s vision. Steel, metal, and glass are merely media we use to get them where they want to be.

The vision might be for an architecturally complex building, an industrial mining headframe, or a warehouse, but our approach will remain the same: We work in deep collaboration with our clients, making their vision our own, and helping them turn that vision into reality.

We are <br>creators <br>and builders.

find a way.

Clients often come to us with complex plans for buildings that make a statement, that become landmarks, that push the envelope of what people think is possible. Or they come to use with plans for projects with fast-tracked timelines and logistical challenges that force us to break the mould for traditional design and build. Our very first job is to determine whether the project is even doable. And if it turns out it’s impossible, our next step is to find a way to make it possible. Nothing lights a fire under us like someone saying, “It can’t be done.”

We <br>always <br>find a way.

define before
we build.

In many ways, cutting the first piece of steel for a new project is closer to the end of the journey than the beginning. That’s because long before that first cut is made, we have been working to anticipate every possible challenge and consideration that might affect construction. We model. We simulate. We research. We plan. We test our own ideas, and test them again. We know that investing upfront to eliminate variables and preempt obstacles pays off many times over once construction begins.

We <br>define before <br>we build.

We know
there is value
in delivering
the whole

We believe in an age-old principle that one person – or in our case one group of companies – should have a view to every aspect of the project from design to construction to the last finishing features that make a project complete. Creating a standout building or major industrial facility requires many types of specialized knowledge – from designers and modelers to welders and sculptors. Walters Group is home to a diverse, skilled group of employees, all of whom are committed to working at the highest standards in the business.

We know<br> there is value<br> in delivering<br> the whole<br> package.

We know
that form
and function
each other.

We have a strong technical focus – let’s face it, we love to build things.
But we are unusual in combining that practical here’s-how-you-get-it-done
attitude with a heartfelt appreciation for the art and aesthetics of a project.
We see these as two sides of the same coin. We don’t know how we could
deliver one without the other.

We know <br>that form <br>and function <br>complete <br>each other.

that we are
only one
piece of the

We’re always thinking one step ahead about how our role in a project fits into the bigger plan. Whenever we work with tradespeople, we focus on how to ensure everyone is playing their part most effectively. We are proactive in ensuring the people on a project blend together as seamlessly as do the components they produce.

We <br>understand <br>that we are<br> only one <br>piece of the <br>puzzle.

Our business
has been built
on strong

Maybe it’s because we’re family-run, or maybe it’s just good business, but one way or another, strong working relationships are the foundation of everything we do. Our values underpin our relationships with clients, employees, suppliers and partners.

Our business <br>has been built <br>on strong <br>relationships.

We attract
the best
people and
give them
the best tools.

We know we’re not just competing for projects – we’re also competing for people. We work to attract employees who are not only highly skilled and experienced, but who have the determination to complete projects without compromise to budgets, timelines or original vision.

It also means equipping these employees with the most effective tools to do their jobs. And finally, it means providing them with a safe, healthy workplace where they have the freedom to excel.

We attract <br>the best <br>people and <br>give them <br>the best tools.

Our approach
applies to
and industrial

It might seem as though it would be a very different thing to create the world’s largest mining headframe or a delicate “floating staircase” for a retail shop or an shipping warehouse. But for these and all of our other projects, our approach is the same, regardless of the sector or client we’re serving. We listen to what the client envisions. We internalize that vision and find practical solutions for realizing it. And we are uncompromising in delivering a construction that does the job it is supposed to do.

Our approach <br>applies to <br>commercial <br>and industrial <br>projects.

We deliver happiness.

At the end of the day, that’s what its all about. We are always focused on providing
an experience where everyone involved – clients, employees, suppliers and partners
– feel the happiness of building with Walters.

We deliver happiness.