Complex Steel Structures by Terri Meyer Boake

August 24, 2020
Walters Group News

Walters Group is proud to be the sponsor of Complex Steel Structures: Non-Orthogonal Geometries in Building with Steel by Terri Meyer Boake.

Complexity in architecture, construction and material manipulation is constantly increasing due to our present ability to design, calculate and fabricate an extending range of geometric shapes and systems. This volume addresses the design of complexity in the planning, fabrication and construction of steel structures based on non-orthogonal geometries: curved and chaotic geometries, poly-diagrid systems, lattice-grid structures and others. Topical photographs by the author on a wide range of international projects present innovative methods and techniques, providing an excellent understanding of the possibilities and requirements of complex steel structures.

“Our relationship with Professor Meyer Boake stretches back years. We have been the beneficiary of her insight into the world of architecture, and especially about the way that architecture relates to steel. Terri has been a frequent visitor to many of our (and other) construction sites. I have witnessed first-hand that she is not afraid to get close to the action, boots and harness on and camera at the ready, whether at grade or on the steel hundreds of meters in the air. She brings an intense curiosity to her work, and I believe she has made a difference in the evolution of steel as a construction material.

We believe that this book is a valuable resource to those delving into the world of steel construction and particularly Complex Steel Structures. I would like to thank Professor Meyer Boake for helping showcase wonderful steel structures globally, and for providing students of steel design with such an exceptional learning resource.” says Walter Koppelaar, Chairman, Walters Inc. in the foreword to her book.

Meyer Boake is very excited to have this book completed! There are quite a few of Walters projects featured, including the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the Royal Ontario Museum, Leslie Dan Pharmacy at University of Toronto, Ontario College of Art & Design, John Street Bridge, Puente de Luz, Queen Richmond Centre West, One Manhattan West, Brookfield Place Entry Pavilion and The Chrysalis.

Click HERE for a sneak peak inside!

Complex Steel Structures is available on Amazon.

Complex steel structures by Terri Meyer Boake

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